Moments Are Momentary

Moments are momentary

I agree I'm running the risk of being captain obvious today. But pls feel into this more for just a moment. 😊

If we really sit in this it empowers us to relish the gifts.... annnnnnd to surrender the suffering.

How many of us have been in an experience of pain or suffering, stress or anxiety ... and because we forget that 'this moment too shall pass' ...that it is only fleeting & momentary.....we experience it as almost eternal in our mind- we essentially expand the moment.

Yet.... on the other side... how often have we turned away from a moment of miracle, mistakenly thinking it will last longer...

Simple gifts such as a sunset, rainbow, a child giggling hysterically, a hug.... in these moments we often forget the preciousness... essentially the fleetingness of ALL moments. 

So if we remember that life is full of moments.... interconnected momentary moments....

Perhaps we can drown less in the stress and suffering .... and bask a little more in the beauty and bliss. 

Light and shadow come and go... in moments. Relish and release them respectively. And perhaps even...enjoy them all. For they’re all splinters of the full spectrum of life. 

Just my Thursday ramblings.... 😊.... pls feel free to share your thoughts below on whether you think you've been guilty of stretching out moments of stress or missing moments of magic. ✨